Created and founded by professional trainer David Clawson, COREdio Fitness is more than simply Abs exercises. It’s a hybrid of core-intensive strength and fat-burning circuit training. I combine functional strength training with integrated core conditioning, and aerobic intervals to strengthen the body as a whole while enhancing your cardiovascular system at the same time.



The result is COREdio!


Recently popular, functional training can be defined as: “Exercise people perform during daily activities.” Everyday we as people use our bodies to perform a myriad of movement activities such as walking, running, climbing, standing, pushing, pulling, lifting, bending, and twisting. In order to accomplish any of these movements our core muscles must stabilize the spine, pelvis, and shoulder girdle while providing a solid foundation for movement in the extremities.


The goal of strengthening our core goes beyond the aesthetic purpose of having a desirable six-pack. Our core is essential to improve our body’s control and balance, increase efficiency of movement, reduce risk of injuries, increase the power from our core musculature and peripheral muscles like our shoulders, arms, legs, and improve athletic performance.


High-intensity interval training has a number of health and performance benefits. Increasing our aerobic capacity strengthens the cardio respiratory system and muscles throughout the body, reduces blood pressure and resting heart rate, and burns more calories.


I combine all three, providing my clients with high-intensity strength and fat-burning circuit training for maximum results.


My unique exercise selection will:

-Strengthen your body
-Increase your cardiovascular health
-Decrease stress
-Improve mental clarity
-Help combat chronic diseases
-Manage weight
-Promote better sleep
-Boost energy levels
-Even enhance physical intimacy


...and believe it or not, it will be fun!


So whether you are looking to gain strength or lose weight, training for a specific sport or a novice when it comes to working out, needing injury rehabilitation or wanting general fitness, I can help you reach your goals and get you in the best shape of your life.