David Clawson is a native to the peninsula in the Bay Area of Northern California.  Like most boys he was fascinated with sports like basketball, baseball and football.  His aspirations of playing in the NFL motivated him to elevate his physical fitness level as high school freshman. He worked hard to improve his strength, speed, and skills on the field to compete at the level of his older teammates.  David's dedication landed him a starting position as a defensive back, and he would go on to play cornerback and safety in college.    



After college David continued his sports’ training, and competed in numerous charity basketball games with the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks players.  His personal participation and friendships with the NFL players reignited his childhood desire to play pro football again.  He underwent a rigorous training program to prepare him for competition at a professional level.  Unfortunately his hard work and aspirations were derailed by a career-ending knee injury leaving him with a detached Patella tendon and torn ACL prior to the NFL try-outs. 


oceanpicNow, years later David has redirected his passion for physical fitness and athletics by doing what he loves best: helping others achieve their goals of living happy, healthy lifestyles. As a professional trainer certified by the National Council on Strength & Fitness, he has worked with athletes, weight-loss clients, those needing injury rehabilitation and general strength and conditioning. Armed with a positive attitude and dedicated work ethic David has helped his clients understand their potential, build their confidence, improve their overall fitness, and achieve their goals while having fun.







There are countless excuses why we don’t exercise, but there is one real reason why we should: achieving ultimate health! Several rational reasons why you need to work with a personal trainer include: 


- Lack of motivation—you won’t exercise on your own

- Lack of knowledge—you can’t perform exercises correctly, and run the risk of injury

- Lack of drive—you won’t push yourself as hard as someone else will. 

I have a passion for my profession, and as we know if you love doing something you will do it well.  I am committed to my clients’ goals, and have had phenomenal success with everyone I have worked with.  Whether you want to train at a gym, in the privacy of your own home, or in the fresh air of the outdoors, I guarantee you will reach your fitness and weight loss goals with my unique combination of effective exercise programs, along with proper guidance and motivation.  So no more excuses.....let's get you in the best health of your life!


My personal commitment is to improve your life…..physically, mentally, and emotionally!

~David Clawson









National Council on Strength & Fitness Certified


TRX Suspension Training Certified



CPR and AED Certified





Strength & Resistance Training

Weight Loss
Dynamic Core Training
Functional Training
Sports Specific Training
Speed & Power Training
Dynamic Flexibility/Stretching